Why Torso Trimmer


The Torso Trimmer (PommelTorso), was invented by an orthopedic doctor from the Midwest who marveled at the Pommel Horse routines in the Olympics. It struck him that mastering this rigorous gymnastic feat was a direct result of using the many muscles that comprised the torso. His logical conclusion was that if he could design a machine that isolated the torso without the demanding rigors of actually attempting a real pommel horse routine, virtually impossible for 99% of the human race.

Besides isolating the core muscles, our doctor saw an opportunity to combine a cardiovascular workout with torso trimming results. After years of development and trial and error, the Torso Trimmer was born,  not one but 3 different models.

What's so new about the Torso Trimmer? There are plenty of abdominal benches and machines around, many very effective at developing ab muscles. However, what if you could burn lots of calories while sculpting the ab "6 pack" muscles and strengthening the oblique muscles; which are the literal "girdle of the torso"? So much time is normally spent by exercisers trying to do hundreds of sit-ups and other ab crunches in the quest to get that lean look. What they don't realize is that while developing the lean muscles, one must burn the layer of fat that normally covers the torso .

The Torso Trimmer occupies that unique position as being the only real torso shaping device that is simultaneously a cardio/calorie burning machine,  2 for the price of 1. A study conducted in England at The Central Lancaster University with users exercising on the Torso Trimmer 3 times per week for 15 minutes per exercise bout over a 6 week period of time succeeded in losing an average of 30% of body fat, while reducing waist circumference by 15%.

How does the Torso Trimmer work so well? There are two main aspects or features that provide the basics. One, with thumb controls on the handles, the resistance on the rotating platform can be increased or decreased thus making the anaerobicfunction (muscle and strength development) more or less as the torso muscles are isolated and challenged to literally make the platform rotate. Secondly, much like increasing the speed of an exercise bike or treadmill, the user can make the platform rotate faster or slower all the while adjusting the resistance. Therefore, the popular "high intensity internal training" can be attained, that is, increasing speed and intensity for 1 minute to your max ability then slowing down the pace for an equal or slightly longer period of time. The results: Optimal cardiovascular and calorie results while toning and tightening the torso.

You can search far and wide for other machines like the Torso Trimmer. Don't waste your time, the Torso Trimmer is patented in the USA and internationally! The Model S is targeted for the home user and the Model X for commercial use. The top end model is still undergoing some developments but promises to be as blockbuster as the others.

What is interesting is how much people's torsos are used not only in sports like baseball, tennis, basketball, golf, football , et al but also in everyday life. The Core is the focus of everyday functional training in health clubs worldwide as it is the Core of the human body around which all daily activities revolve.

Now here is the good news. There has been anything new in the cardio equipment business for decades. Many of the so called new inventions are just reiterations of the elliptical cross trainer pioneered in the late 90's ... with a few variations. Bottom line ... let's face it. Exercise per se is pretty boring ... thus the need for multiple TV screens in clubs, programs on one's cell phones, etc. The most often heard comment on the Torso Trimmer is that it is just plain FU N!! The rotating platform goes counter clockwise or clockwise; the resistance is variable; distance and calorie burn are prominently displayed on the console, and there are enough speed variations to make a 15-30 minute workout breeze by in a flash . Call it a hula-hoop motion on steroids but it is both compelling and interesting and the user can make up an endless combinations of resistance and speed training. It looks like fun and it is fun! Time flies by in an instant!